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Mr. Robert's
Rocky Mountains

A Tale of a Journey Home

In Mr. Robert’s Rocky Mountains, young readers join Jedediah Smith, a mountain man who hunted, trapped, and explored the Rocky Mountains in the early 1800s, on a journey back to his cabin home. Along the way, they detect some of the fascinating animal and plant life of the Rocky Mountain region. History, science, and reading are blended into the story, which uses an historic personality to engage young readers in exploring this ecosystem.


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Mr. Robert's
Great Plains

A Tale of a President's Sojourn

In Mr. Robert’s Great Plains, the wildlife of this expansive habitat is explored through the sojourn of Theodore Roosevelt, also known as Teddy or TR. Teddy was a noted American historical political and environmental figure in the early 1900s. History, science, and reading are blended into the story, which uses an historic personality to engage young readers in learning about the vast array of plants and animals in the Great Plains ecosystem.


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Mr. Robert's
Hexi Corridor

A Tale of a Silk Road Encounter

In Mr. Robert's Hexi Corridor, Zhang Qian heads a dangerous diplomatic mission in the 2nd century BCE for Emperor Wu of Han, Han Dynasty. Young readers can join his exciting odyssey into the Hexi Corridor, present-day China’s Gansu Province, which became the vital passageway for the ancient Silk Road. The region comprises the ecosystem of the vast eastern desert steppe-Gobi Desert region. Though a seemingly lifeless environment, a vast amount of animal and plant life survive in that ecologically harsh and diverse habitat. Wilderness Habitat Discovery Journals blend history, science, and reading to encourage young readers to detect fascinating ecosystem facts and features.


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Mr. Robert's Madagascar

A Tale of a Lost World

“Land ‘ho!” marked on August 10, 1500, the discovery and exploration of Madagascar by the Europeans. It was an unknown island and lost world to them. Through the purported lost ship logbook of Diogo Dias, a Portuguese ship captain, young readers can follow him on his initial encounter of this mysterious island, venturing through the lush and perilous southeast rainforest and confronting never before seen fauna and flora species. Madagascar is the home of many species found nowhere else in the world. 

*****  FIVE STAR REVIEWS  *****

"A truly enlightening journey of will want

to peruse over and over again."


Dave Allen

"Reading this book with your children will help to open up the endless

possibilities the earth holds for exploration and learning...Bullock has

created a memorable work."


Phillip Van Heusen

"I don’t think there’s a single page that isn’t gorgeously illustrated, the typography serving a role in this as well. From beautiful drawings of animals and plants to a format that informs as well as challenges." 


Nisha Ward


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Mr. Robert's Lagoon

A Tale of New Science

The Aegean Sea. An island lagoon. A science is born. A forgotten father.


In 345 BCE, Aristotle was a teacher at Plato’s famous Academy in Athens, Greece, but he left for Lesbos, a Greek island. Nestled in the azure waters of the Aegean Sea off the coast of present-day Turkey, Lesbos exudes an ethereal charm and is a wildlife treasure trove. The habitats of Lesbos fascinated Aristotle. His observations and writings there, which have almost been forgotten, gave birth to modern-day sciences: biology and zoology. Young readers of Mr. Robert's Lagoon will discover some of the wildlife Aristotle encountered as illustrated in wall murals of a purported ancient villa.

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